About Us

We have been building excellent prospecting things for those who are professionals and beginners. We are located in the Oklahoma City area in a city called Edmond. We purchased the sluice designs from California Sluice and Black Sheep Mining. Though they had some good designs, there were many flaws in the sluice designs that needed to be corrected. On high bankers, we changed the frames into a modular design so that they can easily be transported and setup in various conditions. Since starting, we created several new sluices. We re-introduced the Le'Trap sluice with a slightly smaller length but the same original design. After that, we built a Mini Le'Trap to the market. We used the same riffle design but made it narrower. If fact, we created it so that it makes multiple "V" patterns in the water and creates a narrow flow and then a wide flow to create a lower water speed to drop gold that got past the first area. Then we created the RIP SAW Sluice. It creates a pattern in the plastic similar to rubber matting. However, the design resembles the Le'Trap but has the ribbed pattern on the floor. We then introduced the California River Sluice. This originally was designed to drop into a Keene A52 sluice box as a liner. We added a front original Drop flare front edge we call a "Syphon Flare" This forces the water that runs under your sluice up into your sluice. In fast water this can be used without classifying. The water that runs just under the top of a river or stream is much faster than your top water. So in a condition where the water is slow, the design might allow you enough water to run your sluice where others with standard sluices are out of luck. Then the last one was the California Mini sluice, which is a smaller version of the larger original design. 

We hope you will check out all of our designs. You can call us with any questions at 405-268-7351