Collection: DROP RIFFLE SLUICE BOXES and How They Work

Here is our Sluice Boxes manufactured by Geo Sluice Mining.  These Sluice Boxes have been designed to find the maximum Gold, including The Fine Flour Gold. Drop Riffle is a term that describes the Drop Pockets in the bottom of our boxes. Whereas most Metal Sluice Boxes with metal angled ribs that cause the material your running, including your gold small or large. Remember Gravity Pulls Down. These boxes have a constant flow of water right above the top of those angles. When your materials are lifted, the fine Gold hits that flow of water and out they go. You never knew you caught them. Drop Riffles use gravity to allow the Gold to drop into the Riffles naturally. Remember a Gallon of water weighs 8.5 Lbs. and a gallon of gold weighs about 160Lbs a gallon. Very Heavy! That is why the Gold drops into the pockets and stay there. Also Drop Riffle sluices don't need as fast of water because the material does not need to lift up and therefore uses less water flow to process. You can call us at 405-268-7351 with any questions.