Geo Sluice Mining offers lightweight easy to use mining products.

We only offer prospecting products that will assist you in gold recovery as well as fine flour gold.


First Run of the New California River Sluice

  • Details of how it works!

    The California River Sluice is our most popular Sluice Box. The best feature is that this can be ran without carpets or bolts and screws. In fast water, you can just shovel right into this and it will process your gravels and allow the Gold to drop into the Drop Riffles. And the best part, it weighs less than 3 lbs.

  • The first time used

    We were at the Bear River in Colfax California to use this the first time. My friend was using a metal sluice so I offered to try my new one. We were amazed how it sucked right down to the rocks with no rock on top. This should have been sweeped away but the water held it down. But a rock works great. Have Fun.

  • 3 Sizes Available

    Water runs faster under the river than on the surface. That is why the Syphon Flare(tm) works so well. Whenever you set up a standard sluice, it wants to rock back and forth from the water going under it. this solves the problem and makes it much easier to set it up. Remember, every river is different so just try it and you'll see the difference.