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Geo Sluice Mining

Geo River Sluice Gold Prospecting

Geo River Sluice Gold Prospecting

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Geo Sluice

Brand New Item from Geo Sluice Mining

Edmond , Oklahoma

This Sluice has the Drop Riffle , we are known for

A Drop Riffle Allows you the Gold to drop like it does in the river crevices. You don't have to have a fast water flow for a drop riffle . These Easy clean up Riffles , clean up in less than 5 minutes into your five gallon bucket or pan.  Then you are right back to work .

 What makes this product unique:   It has 4 different channels the material will go thru. 1. the wash area in the front 2. the deep riffles where the water will be flowing faster 3. the rise V riffles to shake it up a bit and the last set of deep riffles as the water slows down your rocks will flow right out

This product will catch that tiny fine gold and your chunky gold .  All Drop Riffles are known to catch your fine gold .

Sluice weighs only 3lbs
Measures 38" long , 13" across and 10.5" on inside

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