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Geo Sluice Mining

RIP SAW SLUICE BOX for Gold Prospecting

RIP SAW SLUICE BOX for Gold Prospecting

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A Geo Sluice Original


3 VERSIONS AVAILABLE: River Version with Rock Bars * High Banker Version with solid top end *  Spray Bar Version    (add $29 for this feature)

Here is the newest Sluice Box Design brought to you by Geo Sluice. This came from a friend who is an AMRA Member. Their Grandfather made part of this mold out of Fiberglass many years ago. We believe this predates the Le' Trap Sluice Box. It is a very complicated design but when we ran it through the river the first time we were amazed at how well it caught the fine Gold. This basically rakes the dirt then drops it into each riffle zone along the length of the sluice box. We made a spray bar for it to see how it did with clean up. Well, it did great and we had no mats.

You will see by the photo's it works well. Make sure you clean your new sluice to remove any wax from manufacturing. You will need to run this between 5 to 7 degrees depending on the water speed. This operates similar to the Le'Trap sluice box which we manufacture.

Weighs only 2.9 LBS and is 40 Inches Long x 14 1/2" Wide x 4 " High. Compare that to the metal sluice boxes on the market where many weigh much more.  Miners love this and you will too.

Comes in 3 colors   GREEN  **  BLUE **  PINK

AVAILABLE WITH SPRAY BAR MOUNTED TO THE TOP.  ADD $29.00 FOR THIS FEATURE.  When you order please request which version you want.

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